• Relax Pool

    It is the favorite place of all , a refreshing escape when the sun's rays heat up the atmosphere. The pool is the ideal option to spend a sunny summer days in a holiday atmosphere , lush vegetation , tasty cocktails , harmony and music ... all these will get you out of the monotony of daily offering you unforgettable moments .

  • Cervical Massage

    Water massages jets is one of the best remedies stress , the ideal solution to restore tranquility after a tiring . Water therapy helps clear your thoughts , to quench your anxieties and restores physical and spiritual balance .

  • V.I.P. Canopies

    A special relaxing time into the canopies gives you an oriental atmosphere in an exotic landscape

  • Cabinet Masaj

    The massage that we do offers a glance from the inside to the outside. First we harmonize, then we encourage health. By massage you become the child in search of spiritual love and your own soul. By massage, you will feel fullness, completeness with the Self, with the Universe.