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  • Parties and Celebrations

    Want to have the most successful birthday party ? We are proposing a plan : Come with friends in the park at AQUA MAGIC .Surprises and fun will amaze you. But most amazed you will be yourself when you receive a gift voucher which represents 50% of the ticket access to the park . For more details please contact us : 0241.83.83.11 or by email :

  • Aqua Dance Kids

    Come into the Aqua Magic park.! Music, dance , water, sun bring you joy , happiness and surprises each day of your holliday.

  • Miss Aqua Magic

    The contest for children is music, dance, fashion show , surprises and joy.The contest ends with prizes and more photos , because photography is keeping the memory of the beautiful moments,over the time. time .

  • Karaoke

    We are offering to our children-visitors funny moments , various activities , games and competitions. And in particular we offer unforgettable vacation days for all our tourists from everywhere.

  • Baby Pool

    It has an area of 330 square meters , maximum water depth of 20 cm. Is distinguished by the multitude of mini - slides, pools troublesome and fairy tale characters .

  • Water Playground

    It is a specially designed playground for children, consisting of multiple pools and slides over an area of 875 square meters and water depth of 40 cm. You can play with water and water as they please.