• 1. Water Playground

    It is a specially designed playground for children, consisting of multiple pools and slides over an area of 875 square meters and water depth of 40 cm. You can play with water and water as they please.

  • 2. Baby Pool

    It has an area of 330 square meters , maximum water depth of 20 cm. Is distinguished by the multitude of mini - slides, pools troublesome and fairy tale characters .

  • 3. Relax Pool

    It is the favorite place of all , a refreshing escape when the sun's rays heat up the atmosphere. The pool is the ideal option to spend a sunny summer days in a holiday atmosphere , lush vegetation , tasty cocktails , harmony and music ... all these will get you out of the monotony of daily offering you unforgettable moments .

  • 4. Multislide

    Take your friends and launch out from eight metres high downward the multislide.You have 41 meters of adrenaline certainly

  • 5. River Ride

    If you enjoy rider tubes, hot sensations are guaranteed,You launch out from 5 meters high downward a 50 meters in length flume.

  • 6. Space Bowl

    Head up the stairs up to 11 m and speed throught the darkness on your tube, emerge into a large cockle-shell and splash down after a big spin dropping through a hole in the bottom of the bowl into a 2 m in deepth pool.

  • 7. Mega Pipe

    If you are addicted to speed, launch out from 11 metres high and ride on a 42 metres flume through numerous curves and slopes.

  • 8. Twister

    Ride on your tube dropping from 11,4 metres high in the dark at the speed of light downward through 70 metres of two closed twisted tunnels before plunging into a pool for a cool landing.

  • 9. Kamikaze

    The slide reserved for the bravest visitors with an open tube with a width of 700mm , down sharply from a height of 11.4m and still runs up to 50m length offering unforgettable sensations .

  • 10. Turboslide

    If speed is the one that produces the greatest amount of adrenaline, throw yourself into the Turbo Slide! The 800mm diameter tube goes from a height of 11m, crosses 70m of slip and makes 2 curls with falling in the pool.

  • 11. Black Hole

    Leave your way into the completely closed tube, with 1400mm diameter that goes from 11m tall and offers a 70m bearing length. In Black Hole your experience is an unique sensation!

  • 12. Super Crater

    In this slide you see the world from 11m height and in few seconds you can slip into a closed tube with a diameter of 1400mm and arrive in a funnel system . Here you are allowed only with seat !

  • 13. Side Winder

    Fun at the height! Aqua Magic has been upgraded with the first Sidewinder in Romania, a waterslide that is already making sensation among the tourists. The winding jumps up to 14 meters high, adds adrenaline to maximum levels.

  • 14. Corks

    Get a friend and make him race on rafts ; even if you do not win great fun !

  • 15. Lazy River

    River flows 3m wide , 1.3m deep and 360m long communicate with all pools , including swimming pool for adults .

  • 16. Big Stage

    Everyone laughs , sings and dances . Our slogan describes exactly the atmosphere of the big stage . Learn to dance in a ring with jets impressive .

  • 17. Kid`s Stage

    The atmosphere is animated by small stage performances , balloons and prizes and competitions like Karaoke, Miss Aqua Aqua Magic and Dance will give children plenty of joy .

  • 18-19. Restaurants

    Profile of restaurants in our park was chosen without hesitation customers wishing to serve traditional dishes as served their grandparents home . Our restaurants offer you the most delicious dishes accompanied by quality at the lowest prices. All this is served in a colorful d├ęcor , modern rhythms cheerful atmosphere .

  • 20. Aquatic Bar

    Bar combines cool water pool with delicious drinks . You can sit on one of the chairs below the pool water and the feeling is unique and relaxing . Our bar offers soft drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails , assorted music and good vibes .

  • 21. Canopies

    A special relaxing time into the canopies gives you an oriental atmosphere in an exotic landscape